• Daryl & Ally




Producer: The Firehouse Theatre

Director: Randi Kleiner

Music Supervisor: Kimberly Grigsby

Music and Lyrics: Josh Sassanella

Book: Tony LePage and Josh Sassanella

Casting (present for these appts): Eisenberg/Beans Casting, Ally Beans, CSA

Rehearsals: April 24 - May 2, 2019

Performances: May 3-5, 2019

Location: Dallas, TX

Compensation: Stipend for Non-Union. Possible AEA Special Appearance Contract.

AUDITIONS (by appointment only):

Tuesday, April 2nd & Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019


Please email picture and resume to

Subject line: OSWALD [ROLE]


At this time, we are accepting submissions from AEA and non-AEA actors. All actors MUST be local hires in Dallas, Texas. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to submit.

MARINA. Female, Mid 50s – 60s (to play early 70s). She is the widowed, Russian ex-wife of Lee Harvey Oswald and the narrator of the piece. She is haunted by the actions of her husband’s sordid past and involvement in the assassination of JFK, but even after over 50 years, remains entirely conflicted as to his guilt or innocence. Must be a very strong actress with a good singing voice. Russian accent a must. PRINCIPAL.

YOUNG MARINA. Female, 20s – 30s. The wife of Lee Harvey Oswald. The witness of her husband’s descent into madness (on one side) and paranoia (on the other). She is strong-willed and feisty, but deeply caring and compassionate. “The ingenue with a sword”. Very strong singer and actress with pop/rock sensibility. Russian accent is a must. PRINCIPAL.

MALE ENSEMBLE 1. Male, 40s – 50s. (To play CARLOS MARCELLO/GUY BANNISTER and other roles) MARCELLO is the head of a Dallas run Mafia organization working out of The Carousel Club. He is one of the top conspirators in the assassination of JFK. Dangerous, imposing but eerily calm. GUY BANNISTER is a jovial, lovable “big bear” of a man. He takes Lee in under his wing and helps him to further his cause. Strong actor/singer. (Russian accent for a small scene) Must have an excellent bari/ tenor voice with pop/rock sensibility. PRINCIPAL.

DELORIS. Female, 20s - 30s. A headline stripper at the Mafia-run “Carousel Club”. A feisty, no nonsense, tough woman who can hold her own in a heavily male dominated environment. Uncovers Lee’s conspirators plot to kill the President and tries to warn him. However, she may be more than she appears to be. Very strong actress with an excellent, soulful mezzo pop/rock voice.

RUTH PAINE. Female, 20s - 30s. Robert Oswald’s quirky and opinionated next-door neighbor who becomes a trusted confidante to Young Marina. An almost perfect example of what a suburban housewife should look like. Almost. Helps Young Marina assimilate into American society while being a soft place to land when her marriage falls apart. Very strong actress with a good pop/rock voice.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE 3. Female, 20s – 40s. (To play various roles) Must have a strong soprano voice with pop/rock sensibility.

MALE ENSEMBLE 2. Male, 20s – 30s. (To play ROBERT OSWALD and various other roles.) ROBERT is Lee Harvey Oswald’s older brother. He is a charming, Southern gentleman who is constantly bewildered by his impulsive younger brother’s actions. Has a strong connection to Marina and tries to help her deal with the complexities of living with LHO. Strong and handsome. Must be a great actor with a good bari/tenor pop/rock voice.

MALE ENSEMBLE 3. Male, 20 – 30s. (To play DAVID FERRIE and various other roles.) David Ferrie is the lynchpin in the assassination conspiracy plot. He is a devious, twitchy, backstabbing little imp of a man, yet oddly comedic (a la Joe Pesci in the movie ‘JFK’). Must be a great actor with a good tenor pop/rock voice. Russian accent for a small scene.

MALE ENSEMBLE 4. Male, 30s. (To play AGENT CARTER/ERNST and various other roles) Agent Carter is one half of the FBI investigation team for LHO. A hard-nosed, good ol’ boy. A career F.B.I. Agent who, along with Agent Fain, is tasked with measuring Lee Harvey Oswald’s threat level. ERNST is a Russian friend of Lee Harvey Oswald. Must be a great actor with a good bari/ tenor pop/rock voice.

MALE ENSEMBLE 5&6. Male, 30s. (To play AGENT FAIN, JACK RUBY and various other roles) Agent Fain is the other half of the FBI investigation team for LHO. However, unbeknownst to Lee, Fain is an integral part of the conspiracy against him. He works closely with David Ferrie and the Mafia to carry out the assassination plot. He uses his charisma to trick Lee into a false sense of security, only to double cross him. Must be a great actor with a good bari/tenor pop/rock voice.

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