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THE MENSCH - Feature Film - Seeking ARIZONA locals

Updated: Apr 7



Director: David Ethan Shapiro

Writers: David Ethan Shapiro, Melanie Shaw

Producers: Michael Schreiber, Starlight Partners (David Shapiro & Anthony DiGiacomo), Jonah Platt

Executive Producers: XYZ Films (sales), Sheila Jaffe (Co-EP), Jorge Garcia Castro, Joe Hodorowicz

Casting: Eisenberg Casting (Daryl Eisenberg, CSA)

Casting Assistant: Chelsi Kern

Shoot: June 2024 in AZ, July 2024 in LA

Location: Scottsdale, AZ / Los Angeles

Daily Rate: $753/8hrs + 10% agency fee

Weekly Rate: $2612/week + 10% agency fee

TO SUBMIT AS AN ARIZONA LOCAL HIRE: Email recent photo and performing resume if available to

Subject Line: AZ Local - The Mensch - [insert Role here]

Logline: Amidst the Arizona deserts, a young rabbi having a crisis of faith and his temple’s most loyal (and eccentric) congregant venture on a wild, dangerous one-night odyssey to recover a priceless Holocaust-era Torah and save their community.


KINGPIN: 20s-30s, white, male. Menacing and violent coke dealer. With aspirations to be a musician.

CACTUS: 30s, white, male. Frustrated. Part of the Neo-Nazi group, but you wouldn’t know from looking at him. Involved in criminal activities, but his panic and confusion suggest a lack of commitment to the hate group's ideology. An ordinary person looking for a scapegoat for his troubles.

THE CADDY: Early teens, male. Rail-thin, acne, doesn’t look more than 16. Mixed up in the local drug trade.

MILLENNIAL: 20s-30s, white, female. Social activist who inadvertently becomes mixed up with the Neo-Nazi group. Also plays the role of BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in the opening scene.

OFFICER WINSLOW: 40s, Black, male. Security guard. Skeptical of the Rabbi but loyal to the synagogue.

ISAAC COHEN: 13, male, Jewish. Son of the temple’s queen bee. Kind of a jerk. Scared of his mom. 

LENA MEISLIN: 16, female, Jewish. A teen who’s gotten herself into trouble. 

GOLIATH: 20s-40s, male. Massive and terrifying. Violent. One of Kingpin’s henchmen. An Eastern European accent is a plus.

MIDGE: Late 30s, female. Her wife is the Cantor. Adventurous. Not someone you’d expect to see at services.

MRS. FELDMAN: 40s-50s, female. Older Jewish woman hosting shiva. Grieving and looking for solace from the Rabbi.

OFFICER AHIGA: 40s, male, Navajo, loyal security guard. Only person at the temple who seems to have the Rabbi’s back, carries guilt for not protecting the Rabbi from an incident at the temple.

IMAM BILAL: 40s-50’s, male, spiritual leader of the Phoenix mosque and ally to the synagogue.

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