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MAY WE ALL: A New Country Musical Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Nashville, TN

AEA Cost Agreement

Director: Shelley Butler Choreographer: William Carlos Angulo

Book: Troy Britton Johnson, Todd Johnson, & Eric Pfeffinger

Arrangements & Orchestrations: Brian Usifer

Music Director: Geoffrey Ko

Producers: Lively McCabe Entertainment (Michael Barra, Allison Bressi), Cuzbro Productions (Brian Kelley, Stephen Snedden, Justin Halliwell)

General Management: Showtown Theatricals (Nathan Gehan, Michelle Tamagawa)

Casting: Eisenberg/Beans Casting (Daryl Eisenberg, CSA, Ally Beans, CSA)

Venue: Tennessee Performing Arts Center, James K. Polk Theater

Rehearsals begin: May 9, 2022

Performances: June 7 - July 17, 2022

Possible Extension Through: August 28, 2022

Rate: Equity Principal/Chorus: Salary Minimum: $983.00 per week

OPEN AUDITIONS IN NASHVILLE: Singing Strong Vocalists & Dancers!

Saturday Feb 26 - Sign In begins at 10 AM

Starstruck Studios, 40 Music Square West, Nashville, TN

Please prepare a brief selection of a country music song of your choice. An accompanist will be provided. Bring a recent photo and a resume, if you have one!

Unable to attend the open call? No problem!

Email with a recent photo and a brief overview of your musical talents!


Lively McCabe Entertainment and CuzBro Productions – the production company founded by Brian Kelley of the multi-platinum duo Florida Georgia Line – present the World Premiere of May We All, a country music stage musical featuring hit songs from artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Sara Evans, Brooks & Dunn, Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, Little Big Town, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, The Chicks, Old Dominion, Jessica Andrews, and LOCASH, among others. Two original songs co-written by FGL global superstars Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are also featured in the score and will debut exclusively in the project.

May We All is the story of Jenna Coates, a small-town girl whose big-city singing career is over before it even begins, and how she returns to the people and the places of her past to find a path to the future. But going home is never easy. A lot has changed in Harmony, Tennessee, since Jenna left, and not necessarily for the better. If Jenna and Harmony are going to dig themselves out of their current crises, they’re going to need each other. And they're going to need music.

COVID-19 VACCINATION POLICY. To protect the health and safety of the company members, Producer requires all those employed by Producer to be fully vaccinated defined by the CDC as more than 14 calendar days following receipt of a final dose) of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine as a condition of employment. Producer agrees to follow guidelines (forthcoming) for mandating vaccinations and adhere to all required safety and health requirements.

NOTE: We are looking to cast strong, contemporary Country voices. ALL ethnicities are welcomed and encouraged to audition. Every effort will be made to have a cast that is reflective of the world we live in with regard to racial diversity and gender identification.

JENNA COATES: Female to play 22, any race. Country mezzo-soprano. Aspiring country singer. The girl who is going to be famous. Harmony’s favorite daughter. She’s the person everyone wants to be around—fun, loving, charming, but sometimes blinkered and afraid of disappointing all the people who've believed in her since she was a child. CAST.

KYLIE COATES: 18+ Female to play 16, any race. Country mezzo-soprano. Jenna’s younger sister. Highly intelligent, a little more cynical and quick-witted, doesn't necessarily fit into the Harmony milieu. A bit of a punk, in a cool way. She’s always lived in Jenna’s shadow, where she has only recently begun to chafe. MUST BE NON-AEA.

CRYSTAL COATES: Female to play Mid to Late 40s, any race. Country mezzo-soprano, top C. Big hearted with a voice as big as that heart. Bright and exuberant, defiantly optimistic but will lay down the law if you cross her. Jenna and Kylie’s mother, Harley’s wife, kitchen dancer, Zumba enthusiast. Loves her family and would do anything for Jenna even if it conflicts with common sense.

HARLEY COATES: Male to play Mid 40’s – early 50’s, any race. Country baritone, top E. Jenna and Kylie’s father and Crystal's husband, fiscally imprudent and largely unemployed. A boisterously loving husband and father. Legendary embarrasser of daughters and dispenser of dad jokes. Chronically filter-free.

LIZ: Female to play 22, any race. Earthy mezzo/alto, a little rasp is fine. Great dancer. Jenna’s best friend from childhood and Joe's girlfriend. Strong, sharp-tongued. Knows how to have a good time while masking the pain she struggles with over her older brother Danny's death from a drug overdose.

DUSTIN: BIPOC male to play 22. Country baritone or bari-tenor, top E. Jenna’s ex- boyfriend from high school, Joe's best friend, son of the Mayor. Driven, solid, one of the good guys. Smart and diligent. He stayed in Harmony to run his mom’s hardware store because he thinks the town's special and he's now eager to prove that was the right call. Carries a torch for Jenna and doesn't hide it well.

JOE: Male to play 22, any race. Country tenor, top A. Strong mover. Liz's boyfriend, Dustin's best friend. Goofy, amiable, loves a good time; everyone agrees he basically peaked in high school. As loyal as a golden retriever and very nearly as smart.

MAYOR: BIPOC male to play 40-50s. Dustin’s father. Vocally leads the show-stopping number. Proud of his son and of Harmony. A thinker, a booster, a fighter. A captain who won’t hesitate to down with the ship if it comes to that, but he’s going to try everything under the sun to keep that from happening.

STEPHANIE: Female to play 25, any race. Country mezzo-soprano. Dustin’s current girlfriend. Came back home to Harmony to finish writing her dissertation. She’s smart and friendly and cheerful and confident and she fits into Dustin’s friend group with the easy grace of a pelican swallowing a boot. MUST BE NON-AEA.

RU ANN: Female to play 30s-60s, any race. Flexible vocal range, strong mover. A Harmony lifer, a Southern jack-of-all-trades boss lady. Knows everyone and everyone knows her. Big-hearted and opinionated. More often seen in sneakers than heels, marches to the beat of her own drummer and thinks you should probably follow her drummer too. She’s had sixteen businesses and zero successes but she’s feeling really good about number seventeen. MUST BE NON-AEA.

BAILEY STONE/TAMMY: Female to play 25-50, any race. Country mezzo-soprano or alto. Bailey is a country singing legend. Enthusiastic, smart superstar who knows talent when she sees it and tells it like it is. Tammy is a Harmony homebody who embraces her small world and small victories. Has no idea how funny she is. Doesn’t always know what’s going on but she’s on board 100% anyway. Leaps before she looks. MUST BE NON-AEA.

WILBUR - Male to play 25-45, any race. A square peg in a place where there aren’t supposed to be any pegs. Big heart, generous spirit. Nobody gets Wilbur but everyone loves Wilbur. Strong comic, powerful vocals. MUST BE NON-AEA.

ANGIE - Female to play late 30s to early 40s, any race. A truth-teller with a first-class BS detector. Tells you when you’ve messed up like it’s her job; holds on to a grudge like it’s the last Bud Light longneck in the cooler. Strong comic and mover. MUST BE NON-AEA.

EARL - Male to play 40s, any race. Single, no kids, three finstas. Wise; wry; often disappointed but never discouraged. Strong mover. MUST BE NON-AEA.

RUBY - Female to play 20-40s. Pragmatic, unsentimental, a tough broad. Stronger than she looks. Can bang out a dent in a fender without scratching the finish but might hurt your feelings without even noticing. If she senses you’re trying to sweet-talk her, she’s gone before the third syllable. Strong vocalist and dancer. MUST BE NON-AEA.

STAN - Male to play 20-40s. Small business owner, ex-military. His three favorite things are rules, country music, and rules. You can bounce a quarter off his bed and off his haircut. Strong vocalist and dancer. MUST BE NON-AEA.

SUZANNE - Female to play 16-25. Peacemaker, partier. If something’s happening, she’s already there. Strong vocalist and dancer.

PJ - Male to play 20s. Congenial, agreeable. Would have opinions of his own but that seems like a lot of work. He agrees with whatever you think 100% especially if you’re the last person who talks to him. “No” isn’t in his vocabulary, neither is “acrimony.” Strong vocalist and dancer.

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