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Pilot Presentation

SAG Ultra Low Budget

TO SUBMIT AS A PITTSBURGH LOCAL HIRE: Email recent photo and performing resume if available to

Subject Line: Hometown - Pittsburgh Local - [insert Role here]

Director: Shomi Patwary

Writer: Sean Geary

Producers: Sean Geary, Shomi Patwary, Mikey D’Amico, Kelly Reiter

Casting: Eisenberg Casting

Dates: June 5-12, 2024

Location: Pittsburgh, PA / West Virginia

Rate: SAG ULB ($250/day) minimum

Logline: Recovering from opioid addiction, an exceptional football coach returns to his alma mater to revive a broken program.

SEEKING PITTSBURGH, PA LOCAL HIRES - within 100 mile radius: 

MOE JOHNSON: 30s male, any ethnicity. Always with a cut-off shirt, skull cap, and a huge lip of tobacco in his mouth. Former player on Coach’s team, now a bodybuilder. An instigator. SUPPORTING.

CHRIS STEWART: 30s male, any ethnicity. Former receiver on Coach’s team. A current, struggling opioid addict. No longer athletic, especially now with his addiction. Withdrawn. SUPPORTING.

COACH MEREDITH BROWN: 40s White female. Former cheerleader, fierce and intense. Runs a tighter ship with the cheerleaders than Coach does with the football team. Humorless. Ruthless. SUPPORTING.

ROSEMARY: 60s-70s female, any ethnicity. Corey’s former babysitter and then becomes Corey’s guardian. Very fragile. Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  SUPPORTING.

FRANK MORGAN: 40s male, any ethnicity. One of Coach Runo’s teammates way back when. Part of the current coaching staff. Cares deeply about the community. Former football player. SUPPORTING.

JOEY MILLER: 18 White male. Tall and muscular. Very athletic yet very lazy. His half effort blows away everyone’s full efforts, but he will never reach his full potential on his own. Laid back and keeps to himself. Likes to fish and lift weights. SUPPORTING.

MORRIS DICARLO: 18 White male. Track star. Fast and short (5’8 or under). His traditional Italian family owns the pizza shop, where he works. Gets planted into the football team offense. Always complaining, never satisfied. SUPPORTING.

ACE and GIO PEDERSON: 18 Black Males. Twins or brothers. Always at each other's throats. Ace is the alpha and talks trash to Gio. Gio wishes he was the alpha. Open to twins or actors to play brothers. SUPPORTING.

BILLY PIESANO: 18 White male. A good country boy, not the brightest crayon in the box. Offensive lineman. Big and strong. SUPPORTING.

JIMMY VICTORIO: 40s Black male. Ryan’s dad. Former star football player. Very alpha. Will do anything to see his son succeed.  SUPPORTING.

TASHA DUNLEY: 18 female, any ethnicity. Co-captain for cheerleading team. Struggles with a knee injury and eventually becomes an addict. Strong but not a mean girl, unless it’s Kelly. SUPPORTING.

NICOLE RODRIGUEZ: 18 Latina female. Beautiful, fierce, intense. Cheer captain. Ryan’s girlfriend. SUPPORTING.

YOUNG COREY: 10 years White boy. Brown hair and brown eyes. Was a happy, outgoing boy until he loses his whole world. Becomes rageful. SUPPORTING.

YOUNG RYAN: 10 year old Black male. Corey’s best friend until everything changes. Very conflicted about the loss of his friendship. SUPPORTING.

JESS FERGUSON: 18 White female. Brunette, arrogant and cruel. Cheerleader. THE mean girl. Negative, spoiled, always talking trash. Antagonistic to Corey at the start, until they are in class together. DAY PLAYER.

JACKIE ALVIS: 18 White male. Tall but no athletic bone in his body, yet still cocky about his unproven abilities. The football team’s hazing punching bag. DAY PLAYER.

RICK BRINDLEY: 40s male, any ethnicity. The Bellview Athletic Director and former alumni. Very anxious. DAY PLAYER.

BEN TATE: 40s male, any ethnicity. The school’s athletic trainer. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time. Defaults to pills for injuries rather than other therapies. DAY PLAYER.

COUNSELOR: 40s female, any ethnicity. Former addict, now the counselor for Narcotics Anonymous. Kind and wise. DAY PLAYER.

DR. CARRO: 40s female, any ethnicity. Corey’s therapist. A calming force in Corey’s life. Works hard to form a strong connection with him. DAY PLAYER.

ANNETTE: 40s female, any ethnicity. Social worker. Very professional. A positive force in Corey’s life. DAY PLAYER.

NURSE: 30s female, any ethnicity. Works at the retirement home. Straight forward. DAY PLAYER.

LARRY: 40s White Male. A cocaine addict. Always drunk. Intimidating and violent. DAY PLAYER.

LINDA: 40s White Female. Corey’s mother. Former athlete turned heroin addict. DAY PLAYER.

KENNY: 50 White male. A good ol’ boy. A heckler. Former football player and still large and intimidating. DAY PLAYER.

NEWSREPORTER: 30s-40s any gender or ethnicity. Professional and reliable.

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