• Daryl & Ally

CLARA [NYC Locals]


SAG-AFTRA Micro Budget Short

Director/Writer: David Lombroso

Producer: Nathan Marcus

Casting: Eisenberg/Beans Casting (Daryl Eisenberg, CSA & Ally Beans, CSA)

Casting Assistant: Chelsi Kern

Shoot: 12/17/2022 & 12/18/2022

Location: Brooklyn, NYC

Rate: $400/day

*This production will be adhering to strict Covid-19 safety protocols and proof of vaccination as well as testing will be required. A full Covid-19 safety compliance plan is available upon request.

Logline: When the paths of two grieving survivors cross, an opportunity arises for both of them to find peace and finally shed the guilt they carry so that they might step forward, out of shame, and into acceptance.


FEYGL: 80s, female-identifying, Ashkenazi Jew. An aging Holocaust survivor who left her sister Clara behind when she escaped the war. Despite a long, prosperous life in the U.S., Feygl’s never been able to let go of her survivor’s guilt. If only she had saved her sister…

Unmarried and childless, Feygl lies alone in a coma at the end of her life, unable to pass on until she grants herself the peace she’s long sought. What if Clara were there, by her bedside? Would she be able to forgive her? MUST SPEAK GERMAN. LEAD.

MARIAM: 30s, female-identifying, Syrian-American. A Syrian refugee who studied nursing after being granted asylum in Germany. After immigrating to the U.S., Mariam found her way into palliative care, a field she feels allows her to atone for having left her sister behind to die in a bombing in war-torn Aleppo. Mariam is sweet, present and kind. But there is a sadness in her being, as if she, too, has never been able to get past her immense survivor’s guilt. But there is meaning in being of service. MUST SPEAK GERMAN. LEAD.

TO SUBMIT: Please email a current picture and resume to with the subject line: CLARA [ROLE].

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